Stress-free PPC and email marketing. That’s what you’ll experience with Emarketing Robots and our proven services. Simple, easy, effective. Let us make your next email or PPC campaign the best yet!

Emarketing Robots’ Services:

• Subscriber contact list management
• Professional EDM design (electronic direct marketing)
• Personalized Emails & Social Media Management
• Automatic follow-ups – (multiple-channel drip campaigns)
• Targeted email blasts
• FREE consultation (certified master coach internet marketing)
• Website subscription integration
• PPC Campaign tracking and reporting (PPC Campaign rentals landing and models)
• Big Data lead gen services (large volumes)
• National call center operator with large network
• Permission modeling (Organic & PPC)
• National media buy’s by gene (push & permission models)
• Traffic aggregation by vertical / gene
• Private label split testing & development for brands of all sizes
• Agency audits – press releases
• Niche market development & content model authoring
• National brand marketing domain experience – Radio, TV, Print, Internet


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